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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Antiqued Brass Chain with Crackle Glass

I really like crackle glass beads, although I can't always find it.  It is round smooth glass beads in which you can see crackles, like ice.  I believe it is made using temperature changes which make the crackles appear.  In these pieces, I've used icy white, teal, and sunny yellow crackle beads.

I also like the "antiqued" colors of metal, such as antiqued silver, antiqued copper, and in this case antiqued brass, er, antiqued gold, er, oh what is it?   Depending on where you buy it, sometimes antiqued brass looks like antiqued gold, and of course there is a vintage brass which is known by a similar brand name.  Some stores sell something called gunmetal, which may or may not look like gunmetal grey, but sometimes looks like antiqued brass.  Ah!  I lost the tag to this bulk chain, so I do not know what the vendor was calling this.   It was more golden than vintage brass, but browner than antiqued gold. 

Anyway, it was pretty, whatever it is called.

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