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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Things Thursday

The latest catalog supplement for Rings and Things shows many nice items.  The first one to catch my eye was this Red Creek Jasper.  Above you see them in large puffed ovals.  I love the warm colors of brick, green, and grey, and the way they have those stripes or hash marks.  I think these would look great paired with silver or gunmetal colored wire.  Small transparent olive crystals would make great spacer beads.  These beads also come in other interesting shapes, too.


  1. Nice choice, d'Olivia! Red creek jasper is a fascinating stone. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that so many different colors and "looks" can be found in just one gemstone...Enjoy reading the rest of the Fall catalog supplement...and stay tuned for our full 2-year catalog, coming out around New Year's!!!

    :) Dave at Rings & Things

  2. Thanks, Dave! I'm working my way through the supplement, and look forward to the next catalog!