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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Aqua Sea Glass with Shell Sticks

Sea glass is so pretty.  It is translucent and matte.  In these pieces I've used large round aqua sea glass with iridescent aqua shell sticks.   I've used patterns of various shades, sizes, and shapes of smaller glass beads to accompany the larger beads. 
Earrings to match, also!


  1. Thanks for stopping by, Katherine!

  2. I love this necklace!

    Where did you get the sticks? I have natural color MOP sticks, which I adore, but I'm looking for different colors. I cannot find them.

  3. Hi, Angela! I found these dyed shell sticks at Michaels, but learned that not all Michaels have them. I bought a back up strand once I found they were difficult to come by. I have some natural ones too, which I haven't used yet. I haven't found them online yet. Some shell sticks are center drilled, rather than top-drilled like these, which wouldn't have the same look.

  4. I got the MOP mixes from Fire Mountain and got center drilled rectangles and top drilled natural color tusks/sticks in the mixes. I can't get any of the rectangles or other colors of the tusks seperately. They have a 6 pack of colored shark teeth ones, but I don't know if I want 6 strands of random colors. It is annoying! I'll have to take a look at my local Michaels. Thanks!