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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Violet in Chains

Violet matte pinched ovals, violet charms, violet chain.  Violet much?  I added almond colored pearls to the mix.  I think this has an updated Victorian look to it.  Pretty much all the components are from the Cousin Corp. , a brand sold in local craft stores.  They've recently come out with some new charms and pendants, which have piqued my curiosity.  I've found the widest selection of this brand at my local A. C. Moore store.
This necklace took a couple of tries.  I originally thought I would put the charms and pendant directly on the chain, but it didn't sit right.  Then I changed my tactics, and made the main necklace with the charms and pendant as the center focal, and strung the matte pinched ovals with pearls on either side.  I then attached two strands of their violet chain to the clasp area.  That seemed to work out much better.

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