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Friday, August 12, 2011

Resin Peonies

I recently purchased a mold from Mold Muse on Etsy.  It is a large peony shape, and I have been experimenting in making some resin shapes from it.  Above I used a black color with iridescent glitter.
 This is the mold.  You can see how crisp the details are.  Once cured, the resin pops out instantly.

Here I made the peony in a sheer golden color. 
Then I accented the petal edges with gilders paste.
Here is a peony using microbead glitter first, then some colored resin, and some clear resin after that.
 This one has golden microbead glitter, some blackish resin, combined with sheer golden resin. 
I haven't used the peonies in anything yet, but I think they might be good for a necklace focal, or perhaps used in a hair fascinator.  I'm definitely interested in getting some more of these molds.  I have made some of my own molds in silicone putty, but they don't have this kind of clarity.  I believe these molds may be used with other media, including chocolates (yum!), so if you are feeling artsy too, you might want to check out their shop.

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