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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Honeysuckle Pink Pearl Necklace

In keeping with the supposed color of the year, honeysuckle pink, I found these pretty glass pearls in my stash, and paired them with shell beads and metalized plastic beads.  For some reason, the vendor was calling these pearls "cranberry", although these would make for some sickly looking cranberries.  It is a great color for a spring or summer necklace, however!  I am enjoying the metalized plastic beads also, although I'd like to learn more about them.  They look like pewter or antique silver, but have a lighter weight.  Very interesting!
The little seed beads you see are a plummy chocolate color, and yes, most things make me think of food.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Heart of Clay - Polymer

I started working with polymer clay a little bit, right before my accident.  Here is a necklace with a clay heart pendant.  I used green and brown colors, and accented it with glitter and a ribbon. 
I put a little glaze on it to give it a sheen.  Then I strung it with a seed bead pattern that picks up the colors in the heart.

And THEN, added the antiqued bronze chain.

In that fanciful time of my imagination, when I have time for all things, I will get back to making some more clay items. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Crystal Link Bracelets

I had to try these Swarovski crystal links when I saw them at Fusion Beads .  I made bracelets with peridot green, siam (think garnet), aquamarine blue, and padparascha pink. 
The padparascha color is a fairly close dupe to the "color of the year" pink hyacinth.  Padparascha is supposed to be the color of a certain type of pink sapphire, however, which is pink with a hint of orange.  It is really pretty!