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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Crystal Link Bracelets

I had to try these Swarovski crystal links when I saw them at Fusion Beads .  I made bracelets with peridot green, siam (think garnet), aquamarine blue, and padparascha pink. 
The padparascha color is a fairly close dupe to the "color of the year" pink hyacinth.  Padparascha is supposed to be the color of a certain type of pink sapphire, however, which is pink with a hint of orange.  It is really pretty!  


  1. I think that these are lovely and would wear them in a different color every day.

  2. Great idea, Anon! I was thinking of doing them all in birthstone colors, but days of the week sounds wonderful too!

  3. These are beautiful! I am SO happy to see you creating jewelry again… Hope the leg is healing nicely!

  4. Thanks, Marsha, getting a little better each day!