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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gilders Paste Color Comparison

Gilders Paste is a wonderful little thing.  I currently have a selection of four of their metallic colors.  I would like to have all of their colors, but cannot find the rationalization for such a thing on my budget right now.  Something to aim for!  It is a type of color rub.  You will see from my close ups that it is not really a full opaque coating but is more of an accent color.  These comparisons were done on coral colored baked polymer clay.

This is gilders paste in "gold".  I needed 2 coats to get this level of opacity.  It is pictured next to a gold plated toggle.
This is "antique gold".  It has more copper and less yellow in it than my antique gold jewelry findings.

This is "copper".  You can see it is more the color of antique copper than shiny new copper. 
This is silver.  This had an odd texture.  The other ones are like a hard cake of shoe polish.  This is more souffle-like.  It got everywhere on my desk with its fluffiness.  I don't know if all the silvers are like that, or I got an odd container of gilders paste here.  It is pretty though, with a color a bit darker than the silver plated toggle shown next to it.

I haven't found these in any bricks and mortar stores, but some internet stores will sell these.  One great place to buy them is B'sue Boutiques.  Her shipping is reasonable and very speedy.  She also included a couple little candies in my order, their photo is not available due to reasons I don't care to mention.  Ah, they were gone too soon!  :-)  


  1. Hey Diane, thanks for the color comparison and info on Gilder's....I love it when people do this and show us their findings. As for the diff in texture on the Gilder' will have that. I don't know why, perhaps it is the silver coloring that makes it that way. Sometimes too it will dry out in the can. It's not because we've had it on the shelf for long---I reorder nearly every week! It FLIES off the shelves here. What you do is bust it up, add paint thinner and knife it in. Messy, but nature of the beast and if you are gonna work w this stuff much, you'll have that and have to learn how. The general consensus is that Gilder's is FABULOUS and many are using it in new ways all the time. A great way to work w it is to add a drop of paint thinner and use it as a pasty paint, with a brush. It works best over filigree that way. I love it on polymer clay and you will see me use it on my YouTube videos under bsueboutiques on clay. You really did a great job in showing how the colors play. I'm w you: I like the metallics and Patina best. Many do love the colors; white and patina are GREAT over our silverware finished brass. I find myself using African Bronze, Inca Gold, German Silver, and Patina the most....after that, Pinotage. ENJOY, have fun! and thanks for the shout-out!

  2. Hey, Brenda Sue, thanks for stopping by. I'd love to have all the metallics, but my next gilders paste purchase might be the patina. I'd also like to have the white and black. It's really addictive. I like to toy around with new supplies, analyze them, before I ever end up making a finished piece. Your store is now in the suppliers list on the side. I'll be back for sure!