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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Clay Key Fobs

I've just realized I cannot say "clay key fob" three times quickly.  I should probably name these something else, but yes, these are key fobs made from polymer clay.
I've combined abstract colors of clay, and then stamped them.  I liked the way the colors streak together.  I had recently made some other projects with carefully thought out color recipes that I developed, which somehow led me to the "not blended" look that I've used here.
I don't really expect anyone to carry their fob on their finger ("clay key fob finger"), but I couldn't find a better prop than my "hand". 


  1. Well, I can't say "clay key fob" 3 times either! :) But clay key chain flows rather easily. I like the color combos.

  2. I'm not much better at "clay key chain", LOL, Shirley. I like the colors, too. Thanks for your comment.