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Friday, January 28, 2011

Blue Opalite

According to the Rings and Things website, Opalite is a manmade quartz, and is also known as moonstone quartz, opalized quartz, or sea opal.  I wonder how one goes about making a new quartz?

Their description reads with words like "ghostly" and "shimmery".  I think I'd rather go with shimmery.  I'm not too keen on the ghostly look.  From the pictures, it looks like a pretty opal blue color with a rainbow effect.  I think I'd like to try these sometime.  I'll bet it looks really nice with pewter or antique silver findings.  Because this is a "cool" color, I'd probably end up accenting it with smaller beads in a warm color like brown or topaz.  Have you used opalite yet?


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