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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pearl Color Comparison - Browns and Tans

I'm a big fan of colored glass pearls, and I have always found a great selection at Auntie's Beads .  I am always curious how the colors will look in real life, despite reading their descriptive names and looking at the web site photos.  Today I'm doing a color comparison for some of their pearls in brown and tan shades.  This may help the prospective buyer, or just some eye candy for the rest of you!

First, of course, would be pearls with the name of chocolate.  Who can't resist that?  These have a nice milk chocolate color and look positively scrumptious!
Next is the Vintage Rose.  Although there is a small bit of pink or mauve in this color, it is dusty and muted enough that I am including it in the "tan" category.  This is a very pretty color and could really be outstanding in a vintage-inspired design.

The next two are the problem children.  Not that I don't love them, and they certainly are beautiful!  It's just that I would give them different names.  These are the pearls with the name of "Champagne."

I have never drunk champagne that color.  If anything, it looks like sherry.  There is definitely a golden tan color here.  Pretty, but champagne?  Here is a necklace with the SHERRY colored pearls.
Next are the Golden Bronze pearls.  I will not go so far as to say these look like they could be called champagne, no I will not say it. 

The Golden Bronze are not nearly as golden as the Champagne.  Actually, I would rename the Golden Bronze as Almondine, since they are closer to the color of Marconi almonds. 

The photo above shows all four colors together so you can see the comparison.  The smallest are the "Champagne".  Next smallest is the "Vintage Rose".  These all look wonderfully pearly and have a weight similar to a genuine pearl.  Colored glass pearls are great because they have such a uniformity and usually have a slightly bigger hole for stringing than the ones nature made.  I can't wait to use more of these in my designs!


  1. I love pearls. It is amazing how different they look alone and with other colors!