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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mango Got Mail

A while ago I won a contest at Happy Mango Beads and received a gift certificate to their shop!  They had so many lovely beads, it took me a while to choose.  Above you see my mango exulting in the receipt of my mail package from them finally.

I purchased three items, all which were new to me.

These are called Melon Orange Bamboo Coral Nugget Beads 12-18mm.  I believe they are showing their color accurately in the picture, and I would describe this color as persimmon, rather than orange.  These are cylindrical irregular nuggets with striations and marks in colors of bone and charcoal.   These will look nice with many colors, including silver, navy and pastel yellow.

Next is the Brecciated Jasper Oval Tabular Beads 16mm.  I've tried to get the color just right, but unsuccessfully.  This color is somewhere between brick red and warm brown.   They are nicely polished and have charcoal grey marks on them.  I might pair this up with paler colors of blue or lilac.
Then finally we have the purple howlite round tabular 18mm.  What a great purple!  These are in the shape of giant M&M's.  Leave it to me to fantasize about chocolate while sorting beads.  Perhaps I will combine these with silver and transparent olive?  Who knows.  I usually collect what I think is pretty, and then there is quite a design gestation period.  I'll get there eventually.

The last picture shows the Mango draped in beads, relishing the thought of creating new jewelry designs.  Cheers to all!

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