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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Etsy Craft Party in Philadelphia

There was a wonderful party/meeting last month for local Philadelphia-area crafters who sell on Etsy.  It was held at the Midwives Collective, who were nice enough to share their space with us.  It was so nice to meet other creative types.

Directly above is a photo of one of the artworks on display at the Collective.  Unfortunately, my photography skills could not capture the art well, but it is a very interesting gallery!



  1. How fun! An Etsy crafting party...did ya'll have chocolate too?

  2. Hi, Cindi --
    Of course chocolate had a presence there! Someone made delicious chocolate cookies, and I allowed myself one (or two). I brough baby carrots, whole grain crackers, and hummus. I try to be a good girl!