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Friday, May 28, 2010

Animal House

I've made some dog earrings, cat earrings, and cat bracelets, so I though I would combine them in a post.  I need to find some other animals so I may incorporate them into jewelry, also!  When I first made the dog earrings, I wasn't so sure if it would work out well.  As it turned out, the first pair went into my private jewelry stash because I liked them so much.

Here is the black cat charm bracelet and its matching earrings.

Here are the silver pewter earrings.  The striped tabby is a clip-on, and the solid cat is on a french hook.  These darn cats never seem to photograph that well, no matter how many attempts I give it.

Perhaps later I will do something with turtles or birds?  I have a lot of favorite animals.  What are yours?


  1. Love the cat earrings! I am a cat lover.

  2. Thanks, Beading Gem! I love cats, too! [I guess it shows :) ]