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Monday, May 20, 2013

Flying Birds Resin Pendant

Remember this lovely gift of an open pendant from Lisa Crone of A Bead a Day?
I thought I could enhance it by creating a design within the opening.  Here is the artwork that I created with Photoshop.
After sealing the design, I applied resin and attached the pendant.
After letting it set, I trimmed back the photo paper and applied gold Gilder's Paste to the back, sealing it with more resin.  The next step will be making the necklace for it!

Friday, May 10, 2013

My New Earring Display

Are you the type of person who saves odd bits of things, imagining you will find a use for them at a later time?  A while back a received a package which had 2 large pieces of cardboard in the packing.  I was sure I might need that cardboard in the future, so I set them aside.

After struggling with trying to photograph clipon earrings on pierced earring displays, I came up with an idea. 
I took one piece of cardboard and cut a rectangle in the center.  Then I stapled the other piece of cardboard on the bottom.
I cut a slit in the bottom and used that little rectangle as a support so that it will stand up.  Now I can use this display for my photographs within the lightbox.