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Monday, February 4, 2013

Melon and Pumpkin Pearls

I recently bought some pearls from Auntie's Beads because I saw some new colors available.  I bought melon, cantaloupe, and pumpkin.  Here they are with an orange (I have no fresh cantaloupe today!) for a color comparison.

The "matte" pearls shown in the forefront are named "pumpkin".  I think these could look either summery or autumn-ish, depending on what you do with them.  The large pearly ones are named "melon", and the small ones are named "cantaloupe".  I can't discern the difference between the melon and cantaloupe.  Can you?

Nevertheless, I think these are very pretty and will make some nice jewelry pieces when I decide what to do with them.

Below, I have arranged them in a mock three strand necklace.  These beads would look nice just strung like this, but of course I will find some way to mix them up with different colors when I make the final design. 

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