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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Navy Molded Clay Clipon Earrings

These clip on earrings were an experiment.  Firstly, I made a mold from a vintage button.  I created a cabochon from white polymer clay, and painted it many times over with different colors of blue paint and then sealed it.
The second part of the experiment is to glue these cabochons to clip on backs that have a glue pad.  They seemed to adhere well.  I spent a long time deciding how large a cabochon I could use (I have many vintage buttons I can mold!).  These doorknocker motif molds are rather small.  I could not use anything too much smaller, or the metal clips would show when worn.  I could not decide if a bigger cabochon would look odd or not.  I'll leave that for another experiment.

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